About Us

Welcome to Barracuda Fisheries! Our promise to you is simple. We want every experience of our food to consist of nothing but high quality, fresh, crisp and piping hot, traditional fish and chips!
Our business owner Kurt McLoughlin knows a thing or two about quality food. With almost 30 years’ experience in the business having started at the youthful age of just 19, it was Kurt who opened the doors of our Barracuda shop more than 20 years ago. The goal back then was the same as remains today – to provide the local community with mouth-watering fish and chips.

How do we ensure this quality? By starting in the right place. All our fish is sourced from the Icelandic shores, and we ensure that each and every catch is MSC-approved, a certificate of sustainable seafood. But our attention to detail certainly doesn’t end with the fish. The potatoes we use for our chips are good old Maris Pipers, an English favourite ever since the 1960s. These Pipers have been used by us for years to get the best-fried quality, texture and taste for every single chip that reaches your plate.

We believe that when it comes to the perfect fish and chips, each person has their own preferences. Because of this, we’re always willing to cater for individual tastes, no matter if you love lightly battered fish, well-done fish, or even baked fish! It is our absolute aim to provide you with the most satisfying, and uniquely delicious food.

We are extremely proud to be an award-winning, local and traditional fish and chip shop. Upon visiting us, you will be greeted by a team of welcoming, warm, and friendly people. A lot of this is down to our experienced, dedicated staff, alongside our large and loyal customer base that has grown dramatically over the last ten years.
No matter how busy, we keep the atmosphere upbeat, alive, bustling and fast-paced with a smile at all times. Fancy some stunningly fresh fish? Come along to see us at Barracuda. We look forward to serving you!